3 Approaches to Software Procurement


Oracle License and Service Agreements (OLSAs) have increasingly become more complex and require more expertise to stay in compliance. We believe there are three approaches to software procurement:

1. The “Go It Alone” Approach

Going it alone is obviously the cheaper option but comes with the highest risk of penalty. You purchase your Oracle products and on-going support and begin deployment. When you buy the software, you rely on Oracle, your own judgment, and that of your IT staff to identify the products and number of licenses required. You continue to rely on your staff to ensure software is installed in accordance with the license agreement.You may even rely on an Oracle representative to provide you with some direction and answer questions to help with deployment. Relying on Oracle is NOT a recommended approach, as you may be paying for products and support that you do not need.

2. Engaging a License Consultant

Many consultants will provide you with similar services as LicenseFortress sans a few key differences. At the end of the day, who is assuming the risk? You or them? What if ill-advised recommendations and lack of compliance proof land you in a sticky, entangled web of court dates, attorney fees, wasted hours away from your business and ultimately a big, fat licensing bill? Are you prepared to take responsibility for someone else’s recommendations? Most of our competitors are putting their clients through a crash course. They give you the “tools” and then hand you the keys to be the expert. They are letting you assume the risk and setting you up for a fatal car crash with Oracle.  

3. Engaging LicenseFortress

LicenseFortress assists its customers to make the best decisions in optimizing and negotiating their licensing by managing your Oracle License and Service Agreements (OLSAs) for you. As a license management service, we reduce software costs by optimizing active licensing and retiring licenses no longer in use.

When we review your OLSA we then catalogue and inventory the products and workloads across all environments: production, staging, user acceptance testing (UAT), and disaster recovery. As experts in software licensing, whether it be deployed in the cloud, virtual or physical environment, we back our services with the LicenseFortress guarantee. 

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