Ten Reasons You Need LicenseFortress in Your Life


Ten Reasons You Need LicenseFortress in Your Life

#1 You Want to Keep Your Job

Make no mistake when the CFO has to write a massive check to Oracle after an audit, heads will roll. Interestingly enough, the DBA who made the licensing errors has a good chance of keeping their job, while middle management, CTOs, and VPs of IT will find themselves on the chopping block. 

#2 Pricing Advisor

At LicenseFortress we have a proprietary database on Oracle pricing. Armed with this knowledge our customers have access to optimal pricing from Oracle through our catalog. We know the best time to purchase your Oracle licenses broken down by region, industry and company size. 

#3 Access to License Experts

As part of the LicenseFortress subscription, our customers have access to our in-house licensing experts. Unlike, traditional Oracle license consultants, whose knowledge is often limited to only licensing, we also understand complex architecture. As Oracle and VMware certified experts, we have extensive experience how the technical deployments and licensing work together. 

#4 ULA Management

You have an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) in place. Too often companies stop managing their Oracle footprint. DBAs use the enterprise edition when often the standard edition would be good enough. Who cares, the reality one day the ULA is going to end. It is essential you manage the process from day one. Don’t wait until the end. 

#5 License Management

Do you know how many Oracle licenses are deployed across your enterprise? If Oracle audited you, would you be prepared? It’s quite common in the license discovery process for us to identify Oracle databases being deployed that have no associated license. It is even more common for us to find license options turned on that have never been purchased. With LicenseFortress we take the surprise and risk out of owning and deploying Oracle software.

#6 Legal Counsel

Get the added benefit of attorney-client privilege from Beeman & Muchmore. A legal privilege that works to keep communications between an attorney and his or her client confidential. The privilege is asserted in the face of a legal demand for the communications, such as a discovery request or a demand that the lawyer testify under oath.

#7 License Utilizations

Are all your Oracle licenses being utilized? If not, it’s the equivalent to throwing your money away. With LicenseFortress you get a full license inventory including those licenses not being utilized. We then retire the Oracle licenses you are no longer using and reduce your annual support costs. 

#8 Audit Protection

When you are notified of an Oracle audit, all you have to do is contact us. From there, we handle everything.  You can rest easy as we are ready to manage, monitor and protect your Oracle investment; minimizing and even eliminating back-license fees for products and support, fines, and auditing costs.

#9 Save Money

Most clients see an immediate return on their investment from LicenseFortress. Check out our case studies on how our customers of all sizes have eliminated Oracle back-license costs, back-support costs, and audit fees.

#10 LicenseFortress Academy

Understanding the proper use of an Oracle license can be very complicated at times. We recognize that many of the problems found in an Oracle audit are preventable had your employees understood the proper application of an Oracle license. That’s why we developed LicenseFortress Academy. We teach your Oracle DBAs, and System Admins the common “gotchas” and how to avoid them. We provide onsite instruction, on-demand training videos and continuing education for your staff, to always keep you on track with your Oracle compliance.  


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