Oracle and VMware Partner Up to Support Customer Hybrid Clouds – A Licensing Viewpoint


At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced an expanded partnership to help customers leverage their existing enterprise software and cloud solutions to make the move to the cloud. Under this new partnership, customers will be able to support their hybrid cloud strategies by running VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Too often we hear from prospects who state they were told in the sales process Oracle is not supported on VMWare. Hopefully, this announcement will go a long way to end that misconception in the marketplace. 


For those looking to migrate to a cloud platform, keep this official Press Release on speed dial:


Oracle on VMware is an excellent virtualization platform to run Enterprise Oracle Software and Databases on. To quote the official press release, “Oracle will also provide technical support for Oracle software running in VMware environments both in customer on-premise data centers and Oracle-certified cloud environments.” 


Don Johnson, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said, “As more of our customers make the move to cloud, they’re looking for a superior VMware experience. We are excited that Oracle Cloud customers will be able to run VMware workloads in Oracle Cloud and retain VMware administrative access.” 


With this announcement, Oracle becomes a partner in the VMware Cloud Provider Program. The solution will be based on VMware Cloud Foundation and will deliver a full-stack software-defined data center (SDDC), including VMware vSphere, NSX, and vSAN. Customers will be able to migrate and modernize applications, seamlessly moving workloads between on-premises environments and Oracle Cloud.


The Oracle Cloud will provide customers administrative access to the underlying physical servers, enabling a level of control previously only possible on-premise, and customers will be able to use VMware vCenter to manage both their on-premise clusters and Oracle Cloud-based SDDCs through a single pane of glass. 


This announcement overall is excellent news. Customer can now take full advantage of the many benefits that virtualization offers there business applications. It’s important to remember with full control also means the customers are fully responsible for any licensing mistakes they make. Activate an Oracle feature your organization is not licensed for to accidentally moving a virtual machine containing Oracle software onto the wrong host could quickly create huge license liability. Check out our Case Study: Oracle on State Health Exchange.


As organizations expand infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud, it’s essential they put a license solution in place, ensuring your deployment of software stays in compliance. 


LicenseFortress offers a number of Oracle compliance solutions that will meet any company’s needs and budget.  LicenseFortress also provides the industry’s only financial guarantee. If Oracle audits you, you followed our advice; we pay for the licensees if we were wrong.

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