Oracle Standard Edition HA


Almost one year after announcing that Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is de-supported on Oracle Standard Edition 2 starting with Oracle Database 19c, the other shoe finally dropped: Oracle announced a new Standard Edition 2 High Availability. Oracle Senior Director of Product Management, Markus Michalewicz, details the new product / license in a blog post:

Standard Edition 2 – We Heard You! Announcing: Standard Edition High Availability

Details are still forthcoming along with availability and licensing, but some highlights and questions from what we’ve heard so far:

  • The HA seems to refer to the Grid infrastructure, not the database. So this looks closer to RAC One Node for SE2 than RAC.

    • The big question: What’s the licensing impact? Will they add on 20% for SE2 HA like RAC One Node? Will it be 50% like RAC? Could it be included in the SE2 pricing?

For customers running many SE2 databases and looking to increase uptime, this could be a very welcome solution indeed.

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