The ArxPlatform

The most trustworthy SAM Manged Service on the market. Guaranteed.


The next gen in SAM Managed Services

Growing compliance complexity. Confusing software contracts. Aggressive, often costly audits. You don’t need that kind of uncertainty. The ArxPlatform was founded on the belief that your business should not face dire consequences just because you choose to work with major software vendors.

How the ArxPlatform works

Manage Your Licenses

We work with you to resolve and certify your company’s compliance in line with your contractual obligation. 

Monitor Your Compliance

We detect activity in real-time 24/7, allowing for the quickest response possible to changes that might threaten your license compliance.

Protect Your Investment

We leverage decades of technical and legal expertise to defend  your compliance in a software license audit.

ARXSecure provides you with proactive costs savings and compliance protection.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting
Access to License Experts
Training Programs
(Comparative) Pricing Advisor
Audit Defense

All of our platform features plus the industry's best contract, legal and financial protections.

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Contract Negotiations
ULA Management
Legal Services
Financial Guarantee

Safeguard Your Software Assets with the ArxPlatform

The ArxPlatform provides world-class license management across the top publishers including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, VMware and others. 

The technology behind the ArxPlatform

Our proprietary software monitors your organization’s real-time use of database software to ensure software license compliance.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring & Alerting

We provide real-time monitoring and alerts. LicenseFortress detects changes as they happen and notifies you immediately. 

VMware Aware

LicenseFortress’s virtual appliance is built specifically for VMware environments.

Cloud Enabled

We review your licenses and evaluate your compliance in public clouds, e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.


Our system automatically evaluates your environment to detect your company’s Oracle deployments.

Core Platform Features

ARXSecure and ARXProtect provide you with proactive cost savings and compliance protection. 

Access to License Experts

You have ongoing access to LicenseFortress licensing experts with decades of Oracle expertise. Just pick up the phone to talk to a platform architect.

Training Programs

We provide webinars, knowledge-based training, and scheduled training sessions, including onboarding, to help your database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators understand Oracle licensing issues.

Comparative Pricing Advisor

We keep an up-to-date database of all Oracle discounts so that we can advise you on your purchases to ensure you’re getting the most value from your current and future Oracle contracts. 

Audit Defense

If Oracle notifies you of an audit, contact the team at license experts at LicenseFortress. We provide legal guidance and communications, contract advice, and damage control to minimize and even eliminate back-license fees for products and support, fines, and auditing costs.

Premium Platform Features

With ArxProtect you get all of our core platform features with added protection and the industry’s only financial guarantee.

Contract Negotiations

We have decades of Oracle expertise to navigate the murky waters of a software contract.

ULA Management

We’ll help you find the most economical ULA contract that’s suited to your business needs.

Legal Services

We leverage industry-leading legal expertise to eliminate legal uncertainty and protect your investment.

Financial Guarantee

We’re the only company that offers financial protection. If you incur fees due to our advice, we cover the bill.

Get Instant Plan Pricing

ArxPlatform pricing is based on the number of database workloads you are running on physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure as well as your risk assessment. 

Our Guarantee

With LicenseFortress your ongoing Oracle licensing is always efficient and compliant—guaranteed. If you incur any fees as a result of our advice, we cover the bill. No other company offers that insurance. Learn about the benefits of risk-free compliance.

Client Satisfaction

At LicenseFortress, we are fully committed to our customers, and we always strive to deliver innovative solutions on time and under budget.