COVID-19 Oracle Audit Extension Requests

Given the recent developments on the COVID-19 epidemic, we wanted to remind those who are in the middle of an Oracle audit that these are extenuating circumstances. Audit provisions allow customers to request an extension on audit terms for situations that impact business operations. Oracle usually approves these requests and will work with you to establish a new timeline.

Oracle Standard Edition HA

Almost one year after announcing that Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is de-supported on Oracle Standard Edition 2 starting with Oracle Database 19c, the other shoe finally dropped: Oracle announced a new Standard Edition 2 High Availability.

Oracle LMS is Still Making it Up

This February, LicenseFortress sent a few people to the RMOUG Training Days conference. RMOUG Training Days ( is an outstanding event loaded with top-tier Oracle experts and technical content. It’s well worth attending. At this conference, a director at Oracle License Management Services (LMS), who had been with the company for over twenty years, gave a presentation. The session was titled Oracle Licensing 101.

Oracle Spatial: Free in all editions!

Just a quick update around Oracle licensing changes from last week. As of December 5, 2019, Oracle Spatial is no longer a licensable feature and is included free with all editions, including Oracle Standard Edition 2.

OpenWorld 2019: Multitenant Changes

More than 5 years after the initial announcement, it looks like Oracle is finally moving forward with its plans to move everything to pluggable databases. In July 2014, Oracle announced that non-CDB databases may be deprecated and unsupported in the future. At OpenWorld 2019, it looks like that will be the case with Oracle Database 20c and beyond.

Sub-cluster Licensing in the VMware Cloud on AWS

It’s finally here! We can finally approve licensing sub-clusters for Oracle in VMware Cloud on AWS. (Actually, it turns out that it’s been here since February, but the technical details weren’t published.)

VMworld 2019 Sessions + Coffee & Compliance

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with Oracle licensing expert, Dean Bolton, co-founder and chief architect of LicenseFortress. Enjoy a cup of coffee on us and discuss any questions you have circulating around Oracle licensing.