Mid-Sized Companies Targeted for Software License Audits


Moving to the Cloud Fails to Alleviate Licensing Issues, Survey Finds Los Angeles — Mid-sized companies were more frequently subjected to software license audits in the past three years, and more than half of audited companies paid up to $1 million in software-vendor fines, according to a new survey sponsored by LicenseFortress, an independent software asset management […]

LicenseFortress named on DBTA’s 100 2022: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Jun 8, 2022 Read our view from the top By Joyce Wells Today, data-driven benefits abound. However, the ability to seize new business opportunities, create new products, and deal effectively with competitive issues requires strong data management and analytics capabilities. The processes involved are complicated by rapid data growth as well as more options than ever […]

The Weaponization of Software License Audits

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By Dr. Michael Corey and Don Sullivan Apr 1, 2022 Many organizations still remember the sting of being a victim of the dreaded patent trolls. Patents were granted to encourage, recognize, and reward innovation. Awarding the inventors with a well-defined degree of exclusivity for a period of time improves their chances of both financial reward and […]

LicenseFortress named trend-setting product by DBTA three years in a row!

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Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2022 Dec 8, 2021By Joyce Wells Read our view from the top! The importance of leveraging data quickly and effectively is a message that has come through loud and clear in recent years—and with increasing intensity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it is anticipating supply […]

LicenseFortress Dominates Tech Services with Net Promoter Score of 92.3%

Satisfaction rating more than 2x industry average & perfect score achieved for high quality, error-free work LOS ANGELES – LicenseFortress, the only independent software asset management provider to financially guarantee its services, is again leading the competition with a Net Promotor Score® of 92.3%. The impressive score on its first NPS® survey reflects LicenseFortress’ strong […]

DBTA 100 2021: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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The past 15 months have provided an object lesson for all organizations in the importance of being agile and moving quickly to address new challenges and opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic created even greater urgency to better manage and extract valuable insights from data for companies that were already dealing with expanding regulatory pressures, new data […]

2021 VIEW FROM THE TOP: LicenseFortress

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View From the Top by Michael Corey Co-founder LicenseFortress is honored to be recognized by DBTA as an industry leader on the 2021 DBTA 100 list. As an industry leader, we are proud of the changes the presence of LicenseFortress in the marketplace has helped orchestrate. We have never sold Oracle licenses; furthermore, we purposefully […]

Vendor Software License Audits Have Become More Frequent. Are You Prepared?

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With the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdown just behind us, there has been a lot of dialogue regarding what different industries have experienced over the past year. Acknowledging this dubious anniversary, we sat down to collect our thoughts and share a few advisements with respect to our small corner of the legal and tech industry.