How to protect against stealth audits


We sit down with: Michael Corey – LicensefortressDean Bolton – LicensefortressArt Beeman – Beeman & Muchmore LLPJoel Muchmore – Beeman & Muchmore LLP to once again get their thoughts and insights into the world of software audits, contracts, and the intersection of ITAM & legal professionals. We focus particularly on the rise of “stealth” audits […]

Why the traditional approach is no longer enough


In this podcast: Michael Corey – LicenseFortress Dean Bolton – LicenseFortress Art Beeman – Beeman & Muchmore LLP Joel Muchmore – Beeman & Muchmore LLP We discuss software audits, contracts, clauses, and how ITAM & legal working together can make everyone’s role that bit easier. If you want to know more about the legal intricacies of ITAM in a podcast, who better to speak […]

Oracle’s new audit approach: How should ITAM teams prepare?


In this podcast AJ Witt from The ITAM Review is joined by Michael Corey & Dean Bolton from LicenseFortress and Art Beeman and Joel Muchmore from Beeman & Muchmore. We discuss recent changes in Oracle’s approach to software license compliance audits, the reasons behind this, and what ITAM teams should do to ensure that they’re […]

Oracle Update – Litigation, TikTok, JEDI, and more

The Podcast discussed current topics in Oracle licensing in the context of the landmark Mars vs Oracle case. Joel & Art were lead litigators for Mars in that case and have plenty to share about Oracle’s trading and litigation strategies. LicenseFortress works with Beeman & Muchmore to provide legal services as part of their guaranteed Oracle License Compliance solution.