Our Goal is to Protect You from an Audit

Audit Defense

Our team of license experts is here to help you manage a software licensing audit. We reduce licensing and support costs, minimize and even eliminate back-license fees.


Oracle’s New Audit Approach

How Should ITAM Teams Prepare?

With AJ Witt from The ITAM Review at the helm, we discuss recent changes in Oracle’s approach to software license audits. Because Oracle appears committed to changing its auditing and licensing strategy, this podcast is as timely as ever. We hope it is useful in the event of an audit or, even better, helps you evade an audit entirely.

Proactive Defense

Our goal is to protect you from ever being audited.

Proactive Audit Defense

Proactive audit defense is the process of monitoring and managing Oracle licensing prior to receiving an audit notice to eliminate compliance issues. Below are industry best practices to proactively develop a defense.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring with LicenseFortress Premier ensures continued compliance and handles all aspects of Oracle audits, relieving any business or financial implications.

Compliance and Optimization Review

If you are not monitoring your compliance regularly, an annual review is still recommended. Our Compliance and Optimization Review is a great tool to have ready prior to an audit.

Hardware Compliance Advice

Hardware changes/upgrades can trigger compliance issues. These events are a valuable time to seek professional oversight to ensure your compliance and reduce costs through optimization recommendations.

ULA Management

Despite popular belief, Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs) do not mean unlimited licenses. ULAs are limited to specific products outlined in your contracts and require management, whether it’s an assessment or lifecycle management.

Reactive Defense

If you have received an audit notice, we’re here to protect you.

Compliance Guidance

Once you are notified of an Oracle audit, changes to your Oracle deployment cannot be made without informing Oracle, which locks in compliance issues. However, we are still able to drastically reduce customer audit obligations through our expertise.

Legal Communications

Once you are notified of an Oracle audit, LicenseFortress clarifies, controls, and communicates (including litigation) on your behalf (including litigation), ensuring Oracle is kept on a need-to-know basis to meet audit requirements. This service is provided through our subscriptions (Standard or Premier) or à la carte.

Contract Advice

Oracle has identified virtualized infrastructure as a significant source of licensing issues in its audits. However, we understand the difference between Oracle policy and contractual obligation, which can dramatically reduce your licensing requirement.

Damage Control

If you’ve already sought advice and you’re given a less than ideal outlook on your Oracle compliance, get a second opinion. Consultants often lack the technical expertise to identify compliance issues correctly and have limited resources to negotiate better settlement terms. We help customers uncover areas of opportunity and save them 125% more than traditional software consultants.

Oracle Tries to Bully Customer into Choosing Oracle Hardware

Company X preferred Dell Technologies’ proposal and chose the proposed VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure. The organization planned to virtualize the databases on VxRail – an approach that was aligned with the way the organization managed the rest of their non-Oracle databases. Once they made their decision to go with Dell Technologies, Oracle contacted Company X, telling them that it would need twice as many Oracle licenses to cover the Dell Technologies proposed environment. The cost for these licenses was $2.4M.

Enterprise Software Licensing and Audit Trends Survey Results