It's Time to Review your Oracle License Service Agreement

Oracle Contract Negotiation

LicenseFortress provides both automated solutions and customized strategies that help you get the most from your Oracle contracts.

Negotiate Carefully

The contract is the heart of Oracle’s auditing scheme. Most Oracle customers think of their contracts as simple purchasing documents that allow them to use the software. Oracle knows this and optimizes its contracts based on the strengths and weaknesses of its customers’ procurement and negotiating processes.

Don’t let an Oracle audit
sneak up on you.

The Oracle Audit Cycle



Oracle contracts are full of complexities, often generating compliance issues from the moment the software is installed.



Oracle offers customers out of compliance a “deal,” often including services or products, for example, cloud credits that the customer may not want/need.



Customers often settle or renegotiate their terms with Oracle, giving an already unfair contractual advantage even more leverage.

Protect Your Investment with Our Solutions

Get the most value from your contract with our innovative, proven approaches.

Negotiate Contracts

We help customers with consolidation, a new purchase, migration, or contract changes.

Get Pricing Advice

Our pricing database leverages thousands of data points on the best prices and applicable discounts for past and future purchases.

Receive Legal Review

Review Our legal experts review every contract change, as Oracle often uses it as an opportunity to reverse what customers previously negotiated.

Manage the Contract Lifecycle

Manage the Contract Lifecycle We manage and monitor your Oracle license usage within your contract terms on an ongoing basis.

Review Compliance & Optimization

Your COR report determines your Effective License Position (ELP) to establish what is needed or not needed within your contract based on your usage.

Monitor Compliance

Monitor Compliance We monitor your license usage 24/7/365 to ensure you are compliant and remain in compliance.


New Oracle Terms and Conditions—Buyer Beware

Over the years, Oracle has used contract renewals as an opportunity to change the original contract terms and conditions. It can be easily argued that many times, it is not in the customer’s best interest to let the original contract terms change. For example, many customers who originally had the right to run Oracle for up to 10 days on another server anywhere in the world lost that right when they accepted new contract terms.

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