Dell Technologies + LicenseFortress Saves Customer $5 Million

Company X, a large power company, as a public entity is required to put major purchases out on an RFP. Hence, it issued one for new hardware, and vendors, including Oracle and Dell Technologies, responded. They preferred Dell Technologies’ proposal and chose the proposed VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure. The organization planned to virtualize the databases on VxRail – an approach that was aligned with the way the organization managed the rest of its non-Oracle databases. Once they made their decision to go with Dell Technologies, Oracle contacted Company X, telling them that it would need twice as many Oracle licenses to cover Dell Technologies’ proposed environment. The cost for these licenses was $2.4M.

Read how LicenseFortress was able to help the customer keep their Oracle workloads on Dell hardware and save them over $5 million dollars.


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