Software Asset Management Buyer’s Guide

What the Vendors Don’t Want You to Know

We created the Software Asset Management Buyer’s Guide to confront a growing issue in software asset management. Enterprise software vendors, like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, are increasing the velocity of their audits. These vendors realize that the more audits they perform, the more revenue they can generate. To quote Gartner: “Vendor-imposed and revenue-motivated audits are increasing for organizations of all sizes and industries.”

Software audits are now central to the way software vendors do business and increase their revenue streams. For you to do nothing in preparation for the inevitable software compliance audit is like the ostrich sticking its head in the sand. Without preparation and a proven strategy going into an audit, the only thing that’s certain is that you’ll be the software vendor’s next victim. Why? Because in many “audits,” the software vendors don’t play fair and use the audit scheme simply to leverage more money from your company.

Software Asset Management Buyer's Guide

This Software Asset Management Buyer’s Guide will provide insight and practical tips for purchasing a software asset management solution. As well as, provide the criteria to consider when hiring a software license consultant.

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