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This case study can help SAM teams understand how to overcome common Oracle scare tactics and licensing concerns when moving off of Oracle physical servers to Dell VxRail. 

Company Overview

A hardware upgrade almost spoiled by Oracle scare tactics

The Dell sales team was in the midst of a 1.7 million dollar deal. A massive transportation and logistics firm wanted to buy Dell hardware but was being bombarded with scare tactics by Oracle. Oracle wanted to keep the logistics firm on their physical Oracle servers, running Oracle solutions. The new hardware that the logistics firm wanted to run on would be newer, faster, and 30% cheaper than Oracle’s suggested hardware solution.

Oracle licensing complicates move to VxRail

When our client wanted to refresh the hardware they were using for Oracle workloads, they turned to the team at Dell for new hardware. The Dell team pitched their VxRail systems, an ideal solution for the client’s needs. The logistics firm liked Dell’s product and proposal but were getting a lot of pushback from Oracle about moving to VxRail.

  • Separate business processes due to Oracle licensing practices
  • Complex virtualized environment
  • Accidently enabled features

Outlining costumer Oracle contractual obligations reassures move to Dell hardware

  • LicenseFortress team demonstrated to the client how their Oracle licenses would cover them as they moved over to Dell’s VxRail systems and addressed some of the support concerns they expressed.
  • After LicenseFortress outlined the customer’s contractual rights the client was comfortable pushing back against Oracle and going with the Dell hardware.
  • In this case, the logistics client was able to lower their operational costs and maintain their right to choose what hardware they wanted to utilize within their organization.
  • Now an ArxSecure customer, the LicenseFortress team developed an effective license position (ELP) that detected $3 million in compliance gaps and license optimization opportunities.

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