The Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement Guide

The Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement Guide is a must read for who touches any part of an Oracle agreement. Including legal (especially since in-house legal teams rarely have much Oracle expertise). As well as anyone in procurement that might assist with the deal. In the IT department the usual suspects – IT directors, CTOs, systems analysts, DBAs, network engineers, MIS directors, and IT coordinators – should all become acquainted with this volume. Even if you aren’t personally responsible for negotiating or selecting a ULA, it’s good to be aware of the information. The IT director should know when making this decision, especially if there’s a possibility you’ll be called into strategy sessions or asked to offer an opinion.


This book is a good read even if the ULA option isn’t front and center for your organization right now. Reading this book will put you in a good position to advocate for your department and its needs. When the topic rears its head and, if your organization uses Oracle products, it will eventually. Download your copy of The Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement Guide and brush up on your ULA knowledge.

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