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Unlock the world of software asset management with our comprehensive guide, providing key insights into market trends, product comparisons, and best practices. Empower your decision-making with expert reviews and navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, ensuring your organization derives maximum value from its software investments.

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Welcome to your ultimate buyer's guide for software asset management (SAM) solutions and services. Navigating the intricacies of SAM, an essential component of any organization's IT strategy, can be complex. SAM offers businesses the power to manage, control, and safeguard their software assets throughout their lifecycle, yet with an overwhelming number of options in the market, selecting the perfect solution can be a daunting task. Our buyer's guide simplifies this process, offering a detailed exploration of the industry's leading SAM solutions and services. We evaluate numerous critical factors, from functionality and integration capabilities to pricing structures and customer service, ensuring you have the comprehensive information necessary to make the best decision. Whether you're a small enterprise seeking greater control over software assets or a larger organization looking to enhance your existing asset management strategy, this buyer's guide is your map to informed, strategic decision-making in the realm of Software Asset Management.

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Chapter One

     Enterprise software vendors, like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, are increasing the velocity of their audits. These vendors realize that the more audits they perform, the more revenue they can generate. To quote Gartner: “Vendor-imposed and revenue-motivated audits are increasing for organizations of all sizes and industries.” The report surmised the spike in vendor audits is a direct result of the negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on software sales and that vendors are looking for ways to stabilize and increase their revenue. ’Truing up’ licenses amounts to billions of dollars in revenue for the major software makers. Here’s where the money goes and how it’s extracted,” stated Dan Tynan in Information World. It is not uncommon for vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM to authorize third parties to perform software compliance audits on their behalf, increasing the frequency of audits completed every year.

     Further, the July/ August 2020 edition of The Patent Lawyer magazine states, “Software vendors are increasing license audits as necessary compliance checks to ensure fair compensation. 75 percent of software vendors believe their software is being overused in violation of the licensing agreements.” What is evident is that for some vendors, software audits are an easy way to generate additional revenue. For other vendors, these audits are a way for them to make sure they are being fairly compensated for the use of their software.

     Software audits are now central to the way software vendors do business and increase their revenue streams. For you to do nothing in preparation for the inevitable software compliance audit is like the ostrich sticking its head in the sand. Without preparation and a proven strategy going into an audit, the only thing that’s certain is that you’ll be the software vendor’s next victim. Why? Because in many “audits,” the software vendors don’t play fair and use the audit scheme simply to leverage more money from your company.

     It’s not a matter of if you will be audited. It’s a matter of when and how often. “Forty-nine percent of small organizations (1-249 Employees), eighty-three percent or medium size organizations (250-999 employees), and seventy-seven percent of large organizations (1000+ Employees) reported being audited by one or more companies in the last three years,” according to the 2022 Survey on Enterprise Software Licensing and Audit Trends. No matter what the size of your organization, there is a good chance that you will be audited. Of the organizations mentioned in the MANAGING THE SOFTWARE AUDIT: 2022 Survey on Enterprise Software Licensing and Audit Trends, 64% were audited by Microsoft, 41% by Oracle, and 27% by IBM. Software compliance audits are an easy way for major vendors to generate revenue. You will be audited. It’s just a matter of time.

     Disputes over rightful software use generally fall under copyright law. Arthur Beeman, an attorney at Beeman & Muchmore LLP, stated, “Oracle owns copyrights on the software it licenses to customers. Consequently, any rights a customer may have to use the software are a grant from Oracle and are subject to the terms of a licensing agreement. Without exception, Oracle’s licensing agreements include an audit provision, which Oracle has used to great effect to assure compliance by the customer. Once the audit provision is invoked by Oracle, the burden shifts to the customer to demonstrate it is complying with the licensing agreement, a task often fraught with risk and difficulties.”

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Best Practices: The guide shares valuable practices for effective implementation and utilization of software asset management services, ensuring organizations maximize their investment.

Regulatory Compliance: The guide offers essential knowledge on regulatory aspects of software licensing, helping organizations stay compliant and manage licenses effectively.

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Dr. Michael Corey is the co-founder and COO of LicenseFortress. Michael has worked with Oracle technology for over 38 Years. In 2015 & 2017, he was identified as #42 of the top 100 most influential people in the “cloud industry”. Since 2012 he has been a recognized Oracle Ace Pro and VMware vExpert. From 2014 to 2019, Michael was a Microsoft MVP. Michael is the Original Oracle Press Author and has over 10 books published on Oracle, Microsoft, and VMWare. Michael is a past president of the International Oracle Users Group and a founder of the Professional Association of SQL Server. For over 30 years Michael is a frequent speaker at Business and Technology Events all over the globe.

Michael received a gubernatorial appointment to the Massachusetts Robert H. Goddard Council for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In 2021 Michael earned his doctorate from Temple University.

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