On Average Companies Save
$3.2 Million with LicenseFortress

Never Worry About Oracle Compliance Again

Whether you have 10 databases or 10,000, we have a Software Asset Management plan that is right for you.

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Compile Oracle Software Inventory

We review your OLSA(s) to compile your license entitlements. Using LicenseFortress Discovery, our proprietary software asset management tool, we catalog your licenses and determine where workloads are deployed.

Establish Effective License Position (ELP)

We detect activity that requires a license in real-time, allowing for the quickest response possible to changes that might threaten your license compliance.

Identify Compliance Issues

 Our Effective License Position is closely tailored to the actual contractual obligations outlined in your OLSA(s), not Oracle’s auditing policies; this ensures an aggressive yet completely compliant position, opening the door to greater compliance savings.

Compliance Certification

Once all issues have been resolved through best practices, your organization’s compliance will be certified. From that day forward, your compliance is under the care of LicenseFortress – and will be monitored 24x7x365.


Monitor Your Compliance

LicenseFortress configures our proprietary software to your specific environment. Built by Oracle, VMware, and Amazon experts, LicenseFortress Discovery is fully integrated with many virtual and cloud environments, including VMware vSphere, Oracle VM Server for x86 and SPARC, and Amazon EC2 / RDS.

Real-Time Alerts

LicenseFortress detects activity in real-time, like a database installation or turning on a feature. This allows for the quickest response to changes that might invalidate your license compliance. LicenseFortress automatically evaluates whether this event causes you to fall out of compliance with your software licensing agreement, stopping compliance issues dead in their tracks.

Quarterly Reporting

 LicenseFortress will provide an overview of quarterly events, noting any activities that result in compliance issues. We will also identify any potential issues going forward and consider changes that impact business operations.

On-Demand Experts

Organizations under LicenseFortress’ care have ongoing access to our licensing experts. Just pick up the phone to talk to an architect, anytime.


Proof of Compliance

When audits happen, the proof of compliance is the burden of the licensee. Our monitoring and reporting can be used to provide compliance evidence.

Audit Defense

We leverage decades of Oracle expertise to navigate software contract complexities to achieve optimal results. We will respond to all audit correspondence on your behalf, including deciding which data should and should not be provided to Oracle. This is how we ensure nothing more than is absolutely necessary is revealed during the audit.

Legal Advice

LicenseFortress protects your Oracle investment, removing the uncertainty surrounding legal disputes and eliminating costs that are required after an audit to restore your Oracle compliance. We have an expert legal staff that is fully versed in software licensing contracts to provide advice on the best way to proceed and negotiate.

Financial Guarantee

We provide our customers with confidence that their ongoing Oracle licensing is efficient, compliant – and guaranteed. Should any fees be rendered as a result of our advice, we cover the bill, eliminating any risk around your organization’s Oracle compliance.

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