Oracle ULAs: Everything Oracle DOESN’T Want You to Know

Few topics are as controversial in the Oracle community as ULAs. Oracle ULA devotees say they help companies save money and maintain an ongoing relationship with Oracle; those who have had negative experiences (or are simply very cynical) say that ULAs are a trap with their benefits greatly exaggerated.

Ten Reasons You Need LicenseFortress in Your Life

Have you been considering an Oracle license management service but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet?  Well here are ten reasons why you need an Oracle license management service in your life today.

Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Staff About Oracle Licensing

Your organization is growing, you are upgrading your hardware, you are starting to virtualize, more users need Oracle® licenses, and you are developing new applications. Couple these events with the fact that anyone in your organization can download any Oracle product at any time, and you find that it becomes increasingly difficult to track license activity. Despite this, you still rely on your IT staff to ensure software use is in compliance with the license agreement.