Oracle ULAs: Everything Oracle DOESN’T Want You to Know

Few topics are as controversial in the Oracle community as ULAs. Oracle ULA devotees say they help companies save money and maintain an ongoing relationship with Oracle; those who have had negative experiences (or are simply very cynical) say that ULAs are a trap with their benefits greatly exaggerated.

Oracle Changes to Term Licenses: 4 Facts You Should Know

Near the end of the summer, Oracle announced that it was making a “strategic decision to eliminate on-premise term licenses,” effective September 1, 2020. Oracle states this decision was influenced by the organization’s new focus on cloud and an increasing number of on-premise clients moving toward perpetual licenses. This means that with a few exceptions, Oracle will no longer be offering on-premise term licenses. Perpetual licenses are not affected by this announcement, and existing customers paying support on their term licenses will remain supported through the end of their terms.

Oracle LMS is Still Making it Up

This February, LicenseFortress sent a few people to the RMOUG Training Days conference. RMOUG Training Days ( is an outstanding event loaded with top-tier Oracle experts and technical content. It’s well worth attending. At this conference, a director at Oracle License Management Services (LMS), who had been with the company for over twenty years, gave a presentation. The session was titled Oracle Licensing 101.