Oracle on Amazon RDS: licensee beware (Part 1)

It sounds like a great deal at first: spin up a fully-managed Oracle database instance with the license cost already baked in. And in a lot of ways, it can be a good deal. Take a look at the expense of managing the database, doing backups & patching, plus the hardware and software, and Oracle on Amazon RDS can be a great deal. But as always, be careful about the details.

OpenWorld 2019: Multitenant Changes

More than 5 years after the initial announcement, it looks like Oracle is finally moving forward with its plans to move everything to pluggable databases. In July 2014, Oracle announced that non-CDB databases may be deprecated and unsupported in the future. At OpenWorld 2019, it looks like that will be the case with Oracle Database 20c and beyond.

Oracle Licensing with VMware NSX

I’m sure some of you are asking how a network virtualization product can help with software licensing.  Well, if you’ve been following VLSS for awhile, you know that our mantra isn’t “Trust, but verify.”  It’s “Just verify,” and VMware NSX can help do just that.