Oracle on Amazon RDS: licensee beware (Part 1)

It sounds like a great deal at first: spin up a fully-managed Oracle database instance with the license cost already baked in. And in a lot of ways, it can be a good deal. Take a look at the expense of managing the database, doing backups & patching, plus the hardware and software, and Oracle on Amazon RDS can be a great deal. But as always, be careful about the details.

Oracle Standard Edition HA

Almost one year after announcing that Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is de-supported on Oracle Standard Edition 2 starting with Oracle Database 19c, the other shoe finally dropped: Oracle announced a new Standard Edition 2 High Availability.

Oracle Spatial: Free in all editions!

Just a quick update around Oracle licensing changes from last week. As of December 5, 2019, Oracle Spatial is no longer a licensable feature and is included free with all editions, including Oracle Standard Edition 2.

OpenWorld 2019: Multitenant Changes

More than 5 years after the initial announcement, it looks like Oracle is finally moving forward with its plans to move everything to pluggable databases. In July 2014, Oracle announced that non-CDB databases may be deprecated and unsupported in the future. At OpenWorld 2019, it looks like that will be the case with Oracle Database 20c and beyond.