U-LA-La: 3 More Unlimited Licensing Agreement Myths

Imagine that during negotiations, you mention a specific point you want written into the ULA – an exception to the technical support cap, for example – and your Oracle salesperson agrees. Cool, right? The following Monday, Oracle sends the paperwork over, you sign it, and everyone goes on with their lives. Then, three years later, when certifying out, your Oracle rep tells you that you exceeded your support cap multiple times and you’re going to be charged exorbitant fees.

The Impact and Solution to Oracle’s changes to Java Licensing

As of April 16, 2019, Oracle changed how Java can be licensed.  This change may cost organizations that deployed Java SE in the past for free, millions in support fees moving forward. 


It’s important to understand the new Oracle Technology Network License for Oracle Java SE is substantially different from prior Oracle Java licenses. The new license does permit certain uses such as personal used and development use at no cost – That is no longer the case for commercial use. 


Ten Reasons You Need LicenseFortress in Your Life

Have you been considering an Oracle license management service but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet?  Well here are ten reasons why you need an Oracle license management service in your life today.

Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Staff About Oracle Licensing

Your organization is growing, you are upgrading your hardware, you are starting to virtualize, more users need Oracle® licenses, and you are developing new applications. Couple these events with the fact that anyone in your organization can download any Oracle product at any time, and you find that it becomes increasingly difficult to track license activity. Despite this, you still rely on your IT staff to ensure software use is in compliance with the license agreement.