Oracle New Disaster Recovery Requirements

On July 28, 2020, Oracle issued new guidance on Licensing Data Recovery environments. It is important to take the time and review these policy statements from Oracle. It is possible for Oracle through a policy to extend to your organization additional rights with your Oracle software that is not in the contract. A key point here it’s not a contractual right. Which means Oracle can easily just take it away.

Oracle Licensing 101: Oracle LMS is Still Making it Up

Oracle LMS

This February, LicenseFortress sent a few people to the RMOUG Training Days conference. RMOUG Training Days ( is an outstanding event loaded with top-tier Oracle experts and technical content. It’s well worth attending. At this conference, a director at Oracle License Management Services (LMS), who had been with the company for over twenty years, gave a presentation. The session was titled Oracle Licensing 101.