A Review of the MSP M&A Landscape

It has been a crazy 24 months for the entire world. The craziness has also impacted M&A involving MSPs. 

The global pandemic had a significant impact in early 2020 on M&A deals and yet again seems to be influencing many M&A deals late in 2021. What are some of these influencing factors? This webinar will examine the recent two years of M&A activity within the MSP global community and discuss what issues have been driving M&A deals, both from the buyer and seller perspectives. 


  • Buy Side Drivers
  • Sell Side Drivers
  • Consolidation vs Growth

Hosted by: Charles Weaver, CEO of MSPAlliance

Speakers: Dr. Michael Corey, Co-founder of LicenseFortress

Kevin Cook, CEO of The Purple Guys


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