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Optimizing Your Oracle License Investments

As your organization grows and your hardware and IT environment change companies are looking to maximize their license investments without maximizing the cost.  

These are the top challenges of optimizing Oracle licenses that customers experience

Support fees for Oracle licenses are VERY expensive — Oracle’s support fees are approximately 22% of their license cost. If you own more licenses than you need, you are wasting money on support costs. Oracle earns more from its support and maintenance fees than from the sale of software licenses themselves.

Choosing the right Oracle metric for you — Making you choose how to license your products leaves the door open for mistakes. Do you license by processor (CPU) or by Named User Plus (NUP). The Processor metric allows for an unlimited user count, so if the user population is large or uncountable, it generally makes sense to license by Processor. The Named User Plus metric allows you to license your programs by the number of users. Generally speaking, it makes sense to use Named User Plus to license a program with a small number of users. But unfortunately, it’s not always clear what is the best option and there are other factors to consider like clusters, virtualization, and variations in core types and counts.

The fine print is meant to be confusing – Often contract jargon is meant to favor the party that owns the intelligence. If you own different products or even purchase the same product at a different time, each comes equipped with their own set of licensing rules. Oracle’s blatant lack of standardization in their contract language is meant to trip up un-expecting customers to violate the terms of the agreement.

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How we optimize your Oracle licensing

We remove the complexity from Oracle license optimization with real-time, intelligent license compliance monitoring — LicenseFortress configures proprietary monitoring tools into your environment to monitor license utilization in real time and immediately catch non-compliance issues to minimize compliance liability around the clock.

We continuously manage and work with you to optimize your license purchases and utilization, including license recycling, retirement, harvesting, and renewals. We will also help you identify when the cloud is a better fit from a licensing perspective.

Our quarterly compliance reports perform a full internal audit of your Oracle systems to identify audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.

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