Advice is good.

A guarantee is better.

Manage Your Licenses

We work with you to resolve and certify your company’s compliance. From there we monitor your compliance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Monitor Your Compliance

We detect activity that requires a license in real-time, allowing for the quickest response possible to changes that might threaten your license compliance.

Protect Your Investment

We leverage decades of Oracle expertise to navigate software contract complexities to limit the impact of an Oracle audit.

Let's get started

We help defend your software assets and remove the threat of non-compliance. Stop worrying about software compliance and turn your attention to challenges that really matter for the success of your business.

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The LicenseFortress Guarantee

With LicenseFortress your ongoing Oracle licensing is always efficient and compliant—guaranteed. If you incur any fees as a result of our advice, we cover the bill. No other company offers that insurance. Learn about the benefits of risk-free compliance.

92% Client Satisfaction

At LicenseFortress, we are fully committed to our customers, and we always strive to deliver innovative solutions on time and under budget. 

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