We Help You Manage Your Microsoft Licensing

We provide licensing solutions and services to help organizations efficiently manage their Microsoft software licenses and subscriptions. Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the complexities of Microsoft licensing and ensure that your organization is fully compliant with Microsoft’s licensing policies.

Microsoft License Management Solutions

Compliance & Optimization Review

With our Microsoft Compliance & Optimization Review (COR) eliminate compliance issues and identify optimization opportunities.

Procurement & Contract Negotiations

Our legal and technical teams help you secure the Microsoft right products for the right price and with the right contract terms for your business needs today and in the future. 

License Audit Defense

Know and understand your contractual rights. We’ve secured the leading professionals in Microsoft software license audit defense. Get the best technical and legal advice available to reduce or even eliminate back licensing fees. 

Lifecycle Management

The ArxPlatform ensures that your Microsoft license deployment is optimized for your business needs and ensures you stay in compliance. With guaranteed compliance you’ll never have to worry about an unexpected audit bill ever again.  

Why choose us for your Microsoft licensing needs?


We effectively manage your Microsoft software assets and reduce the risk of non-compliance and unexpected expenses.


We will help you identify cost-effective licensing options to ensure you are not overspending on licenses or subscriptions. 


We understand your business needs for today and in the future to help make more informed decision quickly and efficiently. 


We provide guidance on all aspects of the Microsoft licensing process, ensuring compliance with Microsoft policies. Guaranteed. 

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