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Managing VMware licensing can be complex and challenging, but LicenseFortress is here to simplify the process. We understand the intricacies of VMware environments and offer tailored solutions to ensure compliance and optimize your licensing. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you navigate VMware licensing with confidence and ease.

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Although we manage many vendors, LicenseFortress was originally founded to resolve the licensing and compliance challenges Oracle customers encountered with virtualized infrastructures such as VMware. And today, Oracle software compliance remains our core focus. 


What's your VMware pain point?

Complex Licensing Rules

VMware’s licensing models can be intricate and confusing, making it difficult to understand and manage your entitlements. This complexity often leads to misallocations and compliance issues.

Compliance Risks

Ensuring compliance with VMware’s licensing terms is crucial yet challenging. Non-compliance can result in significant financial penalties and operational disruptions.

Resource Allocation

Properly allocating resources in a virtualized environment can be challenging, often leading to over-provisioning or underutilization, which affects cost efficiency.

Cost Management

Keeping track of licensing costs and optimizing expenditures is a common pain point. Many organizations struggle to balance their needs against budget constraints.

Policy Changes

Keeping up with VMware’s frequent policy and licensing changes is essential but challenging. Organizations must stay informed to avoid unintentional non-compliance.

Audits and True-Ups

VMware audits can be stressful and time-consuming. Preparing for audits and managing true-up processes require meticulous attention to detail to avoid unexpected costs.

Scalability Issues

As organizations grow, scaling VMware environments while maintaining licensing compliance can be daunting. This often leads to complexities in license management.

Version Upgrades

Upgrading to new versions of VMware software can be complicated, involving careful planning to ensure compatibility and compliance with existing licenses.

Cloud Integration

Integrating VMware environments with cloud services adds another layer of complexity to licensing. Organizations must navigate hybrid cloud licensing models and ensure proper compliance.

Vendor Management

Managing relationships and negotiations with VMware and other vendors can be challenging. Ensuring favorable terms and conditions requires expertise and experience.

Lack of Visibility

Gaining clear visibility into VMware license usage and entitlements can be difficult, leading to inefficiencies and compliance risks.

Technical Support

Accessing adequate technical support and resources from VMware can be inconsistent, impacting the ability to resolve licensing and technical issues promptly.

Performance Optimization

Balancing performance and licensing in VMware environments requires careful management. Organizations often face challenges in optimizing performance while adhering to licensing constraints.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Managing licensing for VDI environments adds another layer of complexity. Properly licensing virtual desktops to ensure compliance without over-provisioning is a common struggle.

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