I am Getting Audited. Now What?

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I don't know where to start.

You just received your audit notice and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. It’s easy to feel this way knowing the horror stories you’ve heard. The time, stress, complexity and let’s not forget the money, all make a software audit appear incredibly daunting. Learn the 5 crucial tips to help you get started with your audit. 

I've been meaning to check our compliance and I'm worried about our exposure.

We know. It’s been on your to do list for a very long time and it’s likely not even part of your primary job function. But now you’re faced with having to confront it head on and you’re worried how it will reflect on you and your team. This is a common space to be in and we’ve helped thousands mitigate compliance issues or identify optimization opportunities to reduce or eliminate the compliance gap. The difference made by our remediation reflects positively on you and your team’s performance. Learn how to navigate any audit scenario with ease. 

It’s important to understand that audits are legal matters and you do have rights, but so does the vendor. Discerning between vendor policy and your true contractual obligation is the best chance you have to developing a ironclad audit defense. And our partnership with Beeman & Muchmore garners you access to the best legal team in the business. Learn more about your rights during a software license audit. 

I don't understand the scope of the audit.

This is a legitimate concern. And you don’t want to reveal more information than you have to because then you’re opening the door to more compliance issues than necessary. Navigating an audit requires a clear understanding of its scope and how to effectively limit it to ensure compliance while protecting your organization’s data and interests. Learn how to understand and manage the scope of your audit. 

I think we are in compliance. Why should I hire LF?

In the decade that we’ve been helping clients with software licensing, we’ve yet to find a customer 100% in compliance. Let that sink in. Even a small compliance issue can have hefty penalties. Learn how LicenseFortress stands out from the competition and will help ensure your compliance

I want to avoid a contentious audit.

Companies often aim to avoid contentious audits to maintain amicable relationships and ensure smooth business operations. The misconception that involving a third party exacerbates the situation is unfounded, as third-party mediators can actually facilitate dialogue, clarify issues, and help reach agreements faster, thereby mending and even strengthening vendor-customer relationships. Read how third-party mediation can strengthen, not hinder, your Oracle relationship. 

We carry you across the audit finish line

Fast and efficient we have your back every step of the way until you have that audit close letter in your hand.


Audit Defense Gnatt


Define the audit's scope, establish a robust communication framework, delegate responsibilities and comprehend the security requirements specific of your organization.


Aggregate software licensing agreements and renewal documents, alongside recovering any absent paperwork. Configure and deploy ArxAware to discover your software applications.


Compile your software license entitlement, architecture analysis including high-availability and disaster recovery requirements, and verify terms and conditions of entitlements through a detailed legal review.


Shape the audit findings into your Effective License Position (ELP), and build your audit defense strategy to reduce compliance risks wherever feasible prior to submitting your audit documentation to the vendor.


Review options to minimize or eliminate compliance fees, negotiate lower fees and/or better terms, and request an audit close letter once completed to ensure all findings are resolved and documented.


Depending on the number of applications to be scanned the process can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks

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Stress-free audit solutions

LicenseFortress helped guide us through a stressful audit. Their analysis of our entitlements and usage gave us a firm foundation for our conversations with the vendor. Their experience and guidance through the process helped alleviate our audit anxiety.

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