How can I build a compelling case for SAM?

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I need to demonstrate the value of SAM.

Nearly ten years back, Gartner highlighted the critical importance of Software Asset Management (SAM) in their report, “Software Asset Management is Now a C-Level Imperative.” Persuading top executives to prioritize SAM can be tough, particularly with their eyes on short-term returns. Yet, the long-term advantages of SAM, including significant cost reductions, minimized risks, and enhanced operational agility, present a strong case. Adopting SAM goes beyond mere license management; it transforms your IT infrastructure into a more flexible, compliant, and financially efficient system. If your organization hasn’t established a SAM program by now, you’re significantly behind the curve. Download our editable pitch deck below. 

My team is too small to have the in-house expertise.

It’s a common predicament: your team is lean, and the expertise required to manage complex software licensing is beyond your current capacity. This gap can lead to inefficiencies and compliance risks. Recognizing and articulating this challenge to stakeholders is the first step towards a solution. Our resources provide insights into how organizations can leverage external SAM solutions to bridge this expertise gap, ensuring effective license management without the need to expand your team significantly.

I can’t keep up with all the software licensing changes.

The landscape of software licensing is ever-evolving, making it a Herculean task to stay compliant and optimize software investments. If you’re struggling to keep pace with these changes, you’re not alone. Many IT professionals face this challenge, risking non-compliance and potential financial penalties. Our services provide strategies and tools to streamline your license management processes, ensuring you remain compliant and informed about the latest licensing trends and regulations.

Checking our compliance is laborious and cumbersome.

If your current process for ensuring software compliance feels like navigating a maze, it’s time to consider how SAM can streamline these efforts. The manual, time-consuming tasks associated with traditional compliance checks are not only inefficient but also prone to errors. Implementing SAM solutions transforms this process, automating and simplifying compliance management. Discover how SAM can make compliance a seamless part of your IT operations, freeing up valuable time and resources.

I inherited compliance issues when I took this role.

Stepping into a role only to find a legacy of compliance issues can be daunting. The concern about how this might reflect on your performance is valid, but addressing these issues proactively can actually highlight your problem-solving skills and leadership. Our guidance can help you navigate the complexities of inherited compliance challenges, offering strategies to rectify past oversights and implement robust SAM practices that safeguard against future issues.

Should DBAs be responsible for license compliance?

In our humble opinion, no. Database administration and software license compliance are two different disciplines. It is possible that people carry both sets of skills, however, if you’re expected to do both roles, you’d better have ample support. Read more about the difference in these two job roles. 

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