Compliance &
Optimization Review

Watch the Value of Your Company’s Oracle Investment Skyrocket

Compliance &
Optimization Review

LicenseFortress helps you utilize 100% of what you’ve already purchased, retire unused licenses, end unnecessary support costs and eliminate compliance issues and fees.

Benefits of a Compliance & Optimization Review

Certify your compliance, eliminate audit fees and optimize your license utilization.

Compile Oracle Software Inventory

We review your OLSA(s) to compile your license entitlements. LicenseFortress Discovery catalogs your licenses and determines where workloads are deployed, determining if you are in compliance, out of compliance or underutilized.

Increase License Optimization

We improve license utilization by leveraging all of what you’ve already purchased. This is especially powerful for customers shifting to the cloud to reduce licensing requirements, freeing licenses for new projects, retiring unused products, or reducing support costs.

Review Business Requirements

Whether you run physical, virtual, or in-the-cloud deployment, better align your licensing with your business requirements. We verify compliance in business continuity scenarios that include failover and disaster recovery.

Sample COR Report

Our easy to use COR report gives you a customized view of your company’s compliance and optimization opportunities.

License Fortress COR Software Inventory


  • Review of COR Report
  • Complete Software License Inventory
  • Average Savings of $2.9 million
  • Optimization $$ Opportunity
  • Detailed Overview of Compliance Issues
License Fortress COR Deployment


  • Overview of Oracle Deployment
  • ODA Environment Diagram
  • Explanation of Compliance Issues
  • Virtual Environment Diagram
License Fortress COR Best Practices

Best Practices

  • Summary of Best Practices
  • List of Products with unused Features Enabled
  • Report Summary and Next Steps

Our Financial Guarantee

LicenseFortress is the only company that offers you a financial guarantee. With our Premier solutions package, we cover the bill if you incur any fees as a result of our advice.

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