Oracle License Review

Dive deep into your organization’s Oracle software entitlements, deployments, usage, and more with our seasoned analyst team. Our in-depth review aims to fortify your stance in line with Oracle’s licensing mandates.

Oracle Licensing Challenges

  • Oracle’s licensing regulations are intricate, ever-evolving, and influenced by a myriad of technical and non-technical facets.
  • Undertaking expansive license reviews can strain your in-house resources, both in time and finances.
  • Teams across IT, Procurement, and Executive roles juggle multifaceted responsibilities, limiting their depth in Oracle’s licensing intricacies.
  • Oracle software users often find themselves under the audit lens, with non-compliance penalties sometimes escalating to millions.

Oracle Licensing Opportunities

  • Outsourcing to niche experts like LicenseFortress curtails non-compliance risks and unanticipated costs.
  • Unlock considerable savings via license adjustments, cuts, and transitions.
  • Empower in-house teams to decide swiftly and accurately with guidance from our adept software asset managers.
  • Explore bespoke licensing routes with Miro, options not typically presented by Oracle.

LicenseFortress Oracle License Review Process

Preliminary Consultation

  • Engage Stakeholders: Meet with the organization’s IT, Procurement, and Executive teams.
  • Initial Software Footprint: Gather high-level information on the Oracle software products deployed.
  • Identify Concerns: Understand any previous audit experiences, concerns about non-compliance, or areas where optimization may be desired.

Data Collection & Inventorying

  • Gather Licensing Agreements: Collect all Oracle software licensing agreements, including renewals and upgrades.
  • Inventory Software Deployments: Use automated tools and manual checks to document all Oracle software installations.
  • Document User Access: Understand the number and type of users accessing each Oracle application.

License Analysis & Compliance Check

  • Calculate Entitlements: Using licensing agreements to determine the number and type of licenses the organization owns.
  • Compare Usage vs. Entitlement: Identify any areas of overuse (non-compliance) or underuse (optimization opportunities).
  • Highlight Potential Risks: Document any areas where the organization is out of compliance and at risk of audit penalties.

Optimization Assessment

  • Assess Underused Licenses: Find Oracle software that’s licensed but not heavily used.
  • Recommend Reallocations: Suggest reallocation of licenses based on usage patterns to better fit organizational needs.
  • License Transitioning Advice: Advise on transitioning between license types or products for cost-effectiveness.
  • Evaluate Alternatives: Explore if alternative Oracle products or licensing models may better fit the organization’s needs.

Customized Licensing Opportunities

  • Bespoke Licensing Proposals: Based on organization-specific needs, delve into specialized licensing arrangements.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Examine the financial implications of switching to custom licensing models.
  • Negotiation Prep: Prepare the organization for discussions with Oracle about custom licenses.

Report & Recommendations

  • Executive Summary: A high-level overview of compliance status, risks, and optimization opportunities.
  • Detailed Findings: Break down areas of non-compliance, potential financial implications, and optimization suggestions.
  • Next Steps: Actionable recommendations for coming back into compliance, optimizing license use, and potential negotiations with Oracle.

Strategy & Support

  • Guided Implementation: Support the organization in making recommended changes, whether it’s reallocating licenses or negotiating with Oracle.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Offer continuing monitoring services to ensure the organization remains compliant and optimally licensed through the ArxPlatform
  • Audit Defense Support: In the event of an Oracle audit, provide expert support and defense services to mitigate potential penalties with our experienced legal team well versed in software licensing law. 

Why Choose LicenseFortress for Your Oracle License Review

  • Accuracy: Ensure you’re not overpaying or under-licensed.
  • Compliance: Minimize risks of non-compliance and associated penalties.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Identify savings opportunities in your Oracle license portfolio.
  • Peace of Mind: Confidently face any Oracle audit armed with the accurate data about your compliance.
  • Expertise: Our team of Oracle Certified Masters and Oracle Aces have been working with Oracle since version 2.

Oracle License Review FAQ

What is the Oracle License Review process?
Our review process is thorough and tailored to each client’s specific needs. It involves assessment, analysis, and recommendations.

How long does the Oracle License Review take?
The duration can vary based on the size and complexity of your Oracle license portfolio. Typically, reviews can last from 4-6 weeks.

How much is the average Oracle License Review?
The cost depends on the size and product sets (database, middleware, applications, java) of your Oracle license portfolio. The average review is approximately $50K USD.

What is the average Oracle license compliance gap? 
Our average customers saves $3.2MM USD in potential compliance fees and optimization opportunities. 

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