Important Change to On-Premise Term Licenses


Announcement from Oracle:

With our joint customers’ focus directed toward the Cloud, and the on-premise customers moving more toward perpetual licenses, we made a strategic decision to eliminate on-premise term licenses, providing streamlined product and licensing selections when placing on-premise orders. Effective September 1, 2020 Oracle will no longer offer on-premise term licenses (1-5 year terms), with the exception of key Oracle Technology products that will retain 1-year term licenses (see list below):

• Existing customers paying support on their term licenses will remain supported through the end of their term. 
• Perpetual licenses are not affected by this announcement.
• Application Specific Full Use (ASFU) term licenses distributed in August 2020 can be reported until September 20, 2020.

Impact on Quotes:

• All valid Q1 quotes with term licenses must be booked by end of quarter (August 31, 2020). 
• No new quotes should contain term licenses after August 31, 2020.
• Released quotes with customer acceptance must be booked by September 10, 2020.
• Any bookings after September 10, 2020 will not be processed.

Impact to License Migrations:

• Term upgrades to longer term licenses are discontinued (e.g., migrating a 2-year term to a 5-year term).
• Term upgrades to perpetual licenses remain (e.g., migrating from a 4-year term license to a perpetual license). However, migrations from 1-year term to perpetual license are discontinued.

The below list of products will continue to be licensed using 1-year term licenses:

• Exadata Storage Server Software
• Oracle Active Data Guard
• Oracle Advanced Compression
• Oracle Advanced Security
• Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
• Oracle Database In-Memory
• Oracle Database Standard Edition 2
• Oracle Database Vault
• Oracle Diagnostics Pack
• Oracle Forms and Reports
• Oracle GoldenGate
• Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition
• Oracle Multitenant
• Oracle OLAP
• Oracle Partitioning
• Oracle Real Application Clusters
• Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node
• Oracle Real Application Testing
• Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware
• Oracle Tuning Pack
• Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
• Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
• Oracle WebLogic Suite 

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