CIO Applicaitons Announces LicenseFortress as Top 10 Software Asset Management Providers of 2019



Silicon Valley – May 17, 2019—CIO Applications announced LicenseFortress as one of the top 10 Software Asset Management Providers of 2019. LicenseFortress provides a combination of world class Oracle expertise, proactive license compliance, and financial guarantee, protecting organizations from unforeseen liabilities. 


Customers have greatly benefited from deploying the LicenseFortress’ Discovery tool and subscription offerings. “Our customers can buy Oracle software, make sure it’s deployed in an effective manner and service their clients without having to worry about any of the complexities around licensing.”


LicenseFortress offers an array of services and products to work within your budget, reduce your risk, and eliminate the surprise factor. LicenseFortress offers the industry’s only solution with a financial guarantee, legal defense and real-time intelligent license compliancy monitoring.


LicenseFortress is dedicated to helping Oracle’s licensing customers and partners understand and implement Oracle’s licensing strategies worldwide.LicenseFortress helps optimize an organization’s software investment by enhancing the understanding of Oracle’s licensing and pricing practices.



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