LicenseFortress Launches as Standalone Company


Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

LicenseFortress, a company dedicated to managing database software licenses and providing audit protection services, was officially launched as a standalone entity in October 2017. The company, originally a part of VLSS, a consultancy focused on Oracle and VMware technologies, noticed an increasing demand from customers seeking guidance on licensing matters, leading to the initial rollout of the LicenseFortress product in February 2016.

Dean Bolton, the co-founder and CEO of LicenseFortress, and Michael Corey, a co-founder and past president of the IOUG, have highlighted the growing need for license management and audit protection services, given the increased complexity of software licensing in hybrid and cloud environments.

LicenseFortress provides real-time license compliance monitoring and alerting, with a guarantee for its services. Their aim is to prevent companies from unintentionally mislicensing software, thereby saving them from costly non-compliance penalties during audits.

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