DBTA 100 2020 – The Companies That Matter Most in Data


Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

Companies That Matter Most in Data

LicenseFortress, a data management and analytics company, has been named in the top 100 companies recognized by DBTA 100 for their efforts in preparing for the future. The article discusses the evolving list of data management challenges faced by organizations, including data volume explosion, real-time insights, data access, regulatory mandates, data quality, governance, and cybersecurity threats. According to a 2020 survey report by Unisphere Research, administrative tasks like system stability, patching, fixing, and upgrading are considered the costliest part of data managers’ jobs. IT budgets have been increasing for many respondents, with 41% reporting an increase in spending. Innovative vendors are addressing these challenges by offering various data management and analytics solutions, including relational databases, MultiValue technologies, document-based systems, key-value databases, time series databases, graph databases, in-memory databases, and multi-model approaches. AI, machine learning, and automation are also playing significant roles in enhancing speed and agility in data management.

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