LicenseFortress Offers New Options to Protect Customers from Software Audits


BOSTON, MA – LicenseFortress, the only company with a software license compliance solution backed by a 100% financial guarantee, today announced the selection of Dell Technologies Design Solutions to deliver the LicenseFortress solution on Dell Technologies infrastructure hardware.

Customers investing in the LicenseFortress solution, on a wide range of Dell Technologies servers, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure options, will benefit from continuous license management which includes real-time monitoring and alerts to help them avoid violations to license agreements and costly fees associated with compliance audits. Software compliance audits can easily cost companies into the tens of millions of dollars, and the average LicenseFortress customer saved $2.9 million with a LicenseFortress subscription. LicenseFortress helps customers achieve greater savings for customers licensing.

LicenseFortress customers no longer have to worry about vendor software audits when they deploy the LicenseFortress solution. When they are audited, LicenseFortress will communicate directly with the software vendor, provide requested documentation, and negotiate on behalf of our customer. With the Premier subscription, LicenseFortress provides legal representation and pays audit fees that result from an error of its recommendations on the proper way to license vendor software on Dell Technologies infrastructure.

“LicenseFortress helps you manage your license investment while removing the threat of being out of compliance. As an example, Oracle is a powerful tool for your business when deployed correctly, and we help you take control. LicenseFortress takes an innovative approach that combines state-of-the-art proprietary software coupled with our team of licensing experts, enabling us to offer the industry’s only financial guarantee. This guarantee protects your company against the costs and fees that can result from a software license audit,” said Dean Bolton, Co-Founder & Chief Architect of LicenseFortress.

Software license audits are a well-documented financial risk for corporations using database software. It has been widely reported that software vendors are increasing the frequency and velocity of the audits to generate revenues.

Named a Trend-Setting Product for 2020 by Database Trends and Applications magazine, LicenseFortress saves customers money by optimizing customers’ licenses. They ensure customers are using 100% of what they already purchased and retire unused licenses to reduce support costs and eliminate compliance risks. These changes have resulted in an average savings of 125% more than the savings realized from traditional software license consultants.

About LicenseFortress

LicenseFortress is an Oracle software asset management company delivering a combined solution of best-in class, real-time monitoring of systems and a team of license-compliance experts. Founded in 2014, LicenseFortress was inspired by the need for organizations running Oracle databases to continue to utilize the powerful business tool while avoiding the costly and time-consuming audits and fees that resulted from violations of license agreements.

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