LicenseFortress Offers New Options to Protect Customers from Software Audits


Tuesday, 28 July, 2020

BOSTON, MA — LicenseFortress, a company specializing in software license compliance solutions, has chosen Dell Technologies Design Solutions to implement its offering on Dell’s infrastructure hardware. The collaboration will provide continuous license management for customers, including real-time monitoring and alerts to avoid license agreement violations and hefty compliance audit fees.

Clients deploying LicenseFortress’ solution on a variety of Dell servers and infrastructure options will save substantial costs, with an average customer saving $2.9 million from a LicenseFortress subscription. In case of an audit, LicenseFortress will handle all communications with the software vendor, provide necessary documentation, and negotiate on behalf of the customer.

For ArxProtect customers, LicenseFortress even provides legal representation and covers any audit fees arising from errors in its licensing recommendations on Dell’s infrastructure. Co-Founder & Chief Architect of LicenseFortress, Dean Bolton, emphasizes the company’s unique position in the industry with its financial guarantee, protecting clients from costs incurred during a software license audit.

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