LicenseFortress SAM Managed Service Now Powered by the Arx Platform


For release September 2, 2021, 10:00 EST

LOS ANGELES – LicenseFortress, the only independent software asset management provider to financially guarantee its services, today unveiled the next generation of its SAM managed service powered by the new Arx Platform. Now clients are in command of a streamlined and responsive user interface to optimize their software arsenals and defend against costly software license violations.

“In the Roman Empire, an Arx was the fortress commanding a city, central to the safety and defense against attacks. For LicenseFortress clients, the fortified Arx Platform is the command center to ensure the optimization of software licenses and defend against software giants launching audits and costly fines for license violations,” said Dr. Michael Corey, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of LicenseFortress.

Featuring a brand-new dashboard, the Arx Platform provides an easy view of current and past software activity and an inventory of software assets. The Arx Platform rests atop the updated LicenseFortress Discovery, a proprietary software that monitors an organization’s real-time use of database software to ensure software license compliance. The new User Interface 7.0 update made LicenseFortress Discovery fully REST API based and rewrote the front-end of the application using the React, Redux, and Django3 frameworks. The result is a more responsive user interface and easier integration with other systems, including reporting, ticketing, and configuration management databases. 

“LicenseFortress offers the most comprehensive and trustworthy Oracle software asset management solution you can find. With our financial and legal guarantees, we cover the bill from any fees rendered as a result of our advice, eliminating the risk around an organization’s Oracle compliance,” said Dean Bolton, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of LicenseFortress.

The Arx Platform is available to LicenseFortress clients subscribed to the standard-level ArxProtect™ or premier-level ArxSecure™.  

About LicenseFortress

LicenseFortress is an independent software asset management company providing real-time monitoring and license-compliance and legal experts to empower clients to guard against costly software licensing audits. Its independence from software giants combined with its financial and legal guarantees positions LicenseFortress as an unmatched software asset management solution provider for organizations seeking to manage the complexities of software license compliance. Founded in 2014, LicenseFortress is headquartered in Los Angeles and serves customers globally. 

LicenseFortress®, ArxProtect™, and ArxSecure™ are trademarks of LicenseFortress, LLC