LicenseFortress Shortlisted for ITAM Review 2020 Excellence Awards


Sunday, 1 March, 2020

ITAM Technology or Service Innovation of the Year

LicenseFortress, a leading data management and analytics company, has been recognized for its exceptional innovation in IT Asset Management (ITAM). The company has been shortlisted for the prestigious ITAM Review 2020 Excellence Awards in the category of “ITAM Technology or Service Innovation of the Year.” This recognition highlights LicenseFortress’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges and complexities of IT asset management. With their innovative approach, LicenseFortress has demonstrated their ability to revolutionize the industry by providing advanced technologies and services that empower organizations to effectively manage their software licenses and optimize their IT assets. Being shortlisted for this esteemed award is a testament to LicenseFortress’s dedication to innovation and their significant contributions to the ITAM field.

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