Negotiating and Purchasing Oracle Software

Oracle, one of the world’s leading technology companies, offers a broad spectrum of software solutions, from databases to applications, that cater to different business needs. But like any enterprise purchase, acquiring Oracle software can be a complex task.  LicenseFortress helps navigate Oracle software purchases and the negotiation process, ensuring you secure the best deal possible.

Oracle Licensing Needs Assessment

We initiate our services by understanding the exact requirements. 

  • Determining the right Oracle product for your business. 
  • Establishing a clear budget, factoring in TCO, licensing, support, and maintenance. 

Oracle Licensing Model Exploration

Our team provides insights into Oracle’s varied licensing models to determine the best fit for your organization.

Relationship Leverage

Already have ties with Oracle? We help you exploit these existing relationships for potential discounts or promotions.

Expert Oracle Negotiation

Our specialized team is trained in Oracle’s negotiation tactics. We ensure you’re always a step ahead in the negotiation game. We leverage: 

  • Our pricing database details discounts based on product, industry, and company size. 
  • Our legal team who is well-versed in software licensing contracts. 

Oracle Product Bundling

LicenseFortress helps you discover combinations of Oracle products that can be bundled for optimal discounts.

Future Business Needs Planning

We help you forecast future Oracle needs and negotiate them in advance, safeguarding you from future price surges.

Maintenance and Support Oversight

Our services ensure you aren’t blindsided by maintenance and support costs. We break them down and negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

Alternative Analysis

We arm you with information about potential alternative products, giving you the upper hand in negotiations even if that means considering other vendors. 

Contract Review

Every clause, every detail – we scrutinize Oracle contracts ensuring your interests are always protected.  Contracts are legal matters that REQUIRE a licensed attorney.  Do not entrust a consultant to finalize a contract. 

Why Choose LicenseFortress for Your Negotiations and Oracle Procurement

Our primary goal is not just to facilitate a purchase but to ensure that your organization benefits in the long haul. When you choose LicenseFortress, you’re not just getting a service; you’re entering into a partnership that prioritizes your needs, ensuring that every dollar spent on Oracle software is a dollar well spent. There is no ROI in a license you don’t need. 

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3 Approaches to Software Procurement

Navigating the complexities of software contracts has become increasingly challenging in today's business landscape. As software solutions advance and evolve, licensing models and terms have grown more intricate, making it daunting for organizations to stay in compliance during the software procurement process.

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