OpenWorld 2019: Multitenant Changes

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

Oracle is making significant progress in implementing its long-awaited multitenant changes, which involve a fundamental shift towards pluggable databases. Over five years since the initial announcement, the vision is finally taking shape. In July 2014, Oracle disclosed its plans to potentially deprecate and withdraw support for non-CDB (Container Database) databases in the future. The OpenWorld 2019 conference confirmed that Oracle Database 20c and subsequent versions will solidify this transition.

While many of our customers continue to operate non-CDB databases, there is no cause for panic in light of these multitenant changes. Oracle Database 19c provides robust support for non-CDB architecture and remains under Premier Support until April 2023. This generous timeline allows organizations ample opportunity to plan and execute the necessary architectural adjustments, ensuring a seamless transition.

Excitingly, alongside this announcement, Oracle also introduced favorable licensing news. The adoption of multitenancy now comes at no additional cost for both Standard Edition 2 and Enterprise Edition users, enabling the creation of up to three user pluggable databases. This transformative development offers unparalleled advantages for businesses seeking consolidation or eager to maximize their CPU cycles for database activities. It’s important, however, to await a formal update from Oracle beyond the Oracle 19c licensing documentation before fully deploying and harnessing the power of multitenancy.

If you have any questions regarding this news or wish to explore how your organization can leverage these transformative changes, our team is here to offer guidance and support.

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