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Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Management

We help organizations determine if an Oracle unlimited license agreement (ULA) is the right way to obtain and maintain Oracle software licenses.



An Oracle unlimited licensing agreement (ULA) gives our company unlimited Oracle licenses.


An Oracle unlimited licensing agreement doesn’t, in fact, give you unlimited licenses. This is one of the main reasons why Oracle ULAs need to be actively managed throughout the contract’s lifecycle, not just when it’s time for renewal. Many organizations consume more licensing than needed and find themselves in a poor negotiating position at the end of the unlimited licensing agreement term. If an Oracle ULA customer is not taking an involved role in managing their use, we recommend starting the review process 9-12 months before the contract term ends.

Two Ways to Manage Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreements (ULAs)

Let’s determine if a one-time assessment or ongoing monitoring is right for you.

Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement (ULA) Assessment

  • Our one-time engagement features an in-depth overview of your organization’s ULA contract.
  • Determine whether an Oracle ULA is the optimal way for your organization to obtain or maintain access to Oracle products
  • Maximize benefits from existing Oracle ULA agreements through optimization recommendations
  • Identify whether the organization’s ULA is in compliance out of compliance or underutilized
  • Next step recommendations (negotiate, renew, certify or exit)

Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement (ULA) Lifecycle Management

  • LicenseFortress Premier offers ongoing management and monitoring of your organization’s Oracle licensing use.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management of ULA use, ensuring you are compliant – and remain that way
  • Provides recommendations for ULA contract expiration (negotiate, renew, certify, or exit)
  • Backed by the LicenseFortress financial guarantee
  • Option to add optimization to maximize ULA use

Oracle Unlimited Licensing Agreement (ULA) Solutions

Let LicenseFortress find a solution tailored to your organization’s unique needs.


As ULA contracts are uniquely created for organizations, every facet of them is customizable. But remember, these contracts are meant to protect Oracle’s best interests and profits. LicenseFortress helps customers understand their Effective License Position (ELP) and negotiate the best terms possible, both for right now and the future.


It’s unlikely LicsenceFortress will recommend renewing your organization’s ULA “as is.” Why? With proper planning, ULA customers almost always have better options. Whether that is certifying your ULA or optimizing your Oracle deployment, we will recommend actions that are in YOUR best interest, NOT Oracle’s.


Don’t let Oracle fool you: The certification process is nothing short of a trap. Language hidden in your licensing agreement leaves many customers out of compliance the day they certify out. We help customers certify at the optimal level, establishing compliance and driving down annual support costs.


Exiting a ULA needs to be airtight. Terminating a ULA increases your company’s risk for being audited in the subsquent years. Our decades of experience give us the insight to advise customers on the implications of exiting their organizations’ ULAs and ensure they make the right choice, every time.


State Health Exchange Saves $3.9 Million with the Help of LicenseFortress

Oracle audited the Exchange and discovered that usage was well beyond the licensing agreement and billed the Exchange for more than $14 million. This amount of money would have bankrupted the Exchange, so Oracle agreed to settle if the Exchange signed an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) for $5 million.

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