Enterprise Software Licensing and Audit Trends Survey

Wednesday, 15 March, 2023

Coming out of the pandemic, faced with an uncertain economy, software vendors have been looking for sources of additional revenue. And they have found it—through customer software audits. Unsurprisingly, these software audits, have become a big business, serviced by prominent accounting and consulting firms. Consequently, these software audit licensing trends have provided vendors an opportunity for millions of dollars of extra charges to customers.

Research Firm

In response to this growing trend, Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., conducted a comprehensive survey in partnership with LicenseFortress. Its intent? To better understand the scope and impact of software audits. The survey targeted the readership of Database Trends and Applications, a publication trusted by IT professionals from all backgrounds. In total, 283 usable responses were received. These responses provided valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of professionals involved in software licensing and audits.


Of the respondents, an overwhelming majority (69% of participants) reported having been audited within the past three years. Furthermore, a staggering 79% of respondents disclosed that they had been subject to a software audit within the past five years. In conclusion, these numbers underscore the prevalence and frequency of software audits in the industry. Signaling a significant concern for organizations managing software assets.

Survey Findings

To address this pressing issue, Unisphere Research and LicenseFortress have compiled the survey findings into a special report. This report delves deep into the data, shedding light on the current software licensing audit trends. Furthermore, by exploring the report, readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the audit landscape and equip themselves with the knowledge to protect their organizations.

The report covers various aspects of software licensing audits, including common audit triggers, audit procedures, associated costs, and potential risks. Additionally, it provides insights into the strategies employed by software vendors to maximize their revenue through audits, helping readers navigate this complex terrain. Moreover, the report offers practical guidance on how organizations can safeguard themselves against audits and mitigate the financial and operational impacts of non-compliance.

Get the Report

Don’t wait until software vendors come knocking on your door. Download this special report to stay informed about the latest software licensing audit trends and proactively protect your organization’s interests. Moreover, you can arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively manage software licenses, minimize audit risks, and optimize software asset utilization. By staying ahead of the curve, you can ensure compliance, mitigate financial burdens, and maintain a strong foundation for your organization’s success in today’s software-driven landscape.