Ten Reasons You Need Software Licensing Help from LicenseFortress

Thursday, 12 April, 2018

Managing software licenses effectively is crucial for organizations to ensure compliance, optimize costs, mitigate risks, and maintain productive vendor relationships. LicenseFortress specializes in software license management, offering comprehensive assistance and support to navigate the complexities of software licensing. With their expertise and software licensing help, LicenseFortress provides valuable services that empower organizations to excel in managing licenses effectively and efficiently. These are the top 10 reasons you should seek software licensing help from LicenseFortress:

Reason #1: Expertise in Software License Management

LicenseFortress specializes in software license management, providing comprehensive assistance and support to navigate the complexities of software licensing. By hiring LicenseFortress, you gain access to their expertise and receive the software licensing help you need.

Reason #2: Compliance Assurance

Maintaining compliance with software license agreements is crucial for avoiding penalties and legal risks. LicenseFortress offers proactive monitoring, analysis of license usage, and ongoing compliance management, ensuring that your organization remains compliant with licensing terms. Their software licensing help ensures that you have the necessary guidance and tools to fulfill your compliance responsibilities.

Reason #3: Audit Defense

License audits can be a daunting prospect. However, with LicenseFortress, you have a dedicated team to provide software licensing help and support during audit situations. They guide you through the audit process, conduct internal audits to identify potential compliance gaps and offer legal assistance to successfully navigate vendor audits. This comprehensive audit defense service ensures that you are well-prepared and confident in your ability to handle audits. And unlike many consultants LicenseFortress partners with a law firm, Beeman & Muchmore LLP. They are the legal duo who represented Mars in Mars v. Oracle.

Reason #4: License Optimization

LicenseFortress helps you optimize your software licenses to maximize their value and minimize unnecessary expenses. With their software licensing help, they analyze your license entitlements, usage patterns, and deployment scenarios to identify opportunities for consolidation, rightsizing, and virtual machine optimization. Their expertise enables you to optimize your license usage and achieve cost savings effectively.

Reason #5: Vendor Negotiations

Negotiating with software vendors can be challenging, but with LicenseFortress providing software licensing help, you have skilled negotiators on your side. They leverage their expertise to negotiate favorable licensing terms, pricing, and contract conditions on behalf of your organization. This ensures that you secure the best possible licensing agreements and maintain productive vendor relationships.

Reason #6: Risk Mitigation

LicenseFortress helps mitigate the risks associated with software license compliance. Their software licensing help includes identifying potential compliance gaps, providing recommendations for remediation, and implementing processes to ensure ongoing compliance. By proactively managing compliance risks, LicenseFortress ensures that you can navigate the complexities of software licensing confidently and minimize the risks that may affect your organization.

Reason #7: Cost Savings

License optimization initiatives undertaken by LicenseFortress result in cost savings for your organization. Their software licensing help enables you to identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenses, eliminate over-licensing, and negotiate favorable pricing terms. By leveraging their expertise, you can optimize your licensing costs and demonstrate your ability to drive cost-effective strategies.

Reason #8: Efficient Renewals and Upgrades

Managing license renewals and upgrades can be time-consuming. LicenseFortress takes care of these processes, tracking renewal dates, managing paperwork, and providing software licensing help to guide you through the process. Their expertise ensures that your renewals and upgrades are handled efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Reason #9: Dedicated Resources

Hiring LicenseFortress provides access to dedicated resources focused solely on software license management. Their software licensing help allows you to offload license-related tasks, ensuring that you have the necessary support to manage licenses effectively. This frees up your time to concentrate on other critical aspects of your role.

Reason #10: Job Security and Peace of Mind

Make no mistake; when the CFO has to write a massive check to a software vendor after an audit, heads will roll. Interestingly enough, the DBA who made the licensing errors has a good chance of keeping their job. While middle management, CTOs, and VPs of IT will find themselves on the chopping block. By hiring LicenseFortress and leveraging their software licensing help, you contribute to job security by ensuring compliance, optimizing costs, and reducing risks for your organization. With the peace of mind that comes from having experts manage software license management, you can focus on your job responsibilities, deliver results, and contribute to the long-term success of your organization.