Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Staff About Oracle Licensing


Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Staff About Oracle Licensing

Your organization is growing, you are upgrading your hardware, you are starting to virtualize, more users need Oracle® licenses, and you are developing new applications. Couple these events with the fact that anyone in your organization can download any Oracle product at any time, and you find that it becomes increasingly difficult to track license activity. Despite this, you still rely on your IT staff to ensure software use is in compliance with the license agreement.

Is your staff tracking:

  • How many Oracle licenses do you have?

  • Are you using every Oracle license that you purchased?

  • Did you purchase the RIGHT Oracle products for your business needs?

  • Are you paying for Oracle products or support you are not using?

  • Are you getting the most out of your Oracle licenses?

  • Are you over-paying for what you have?

Think about it. When was the last time someone provided you with a report that answered these questions? And if you do have a report, are you sure it’s correct? You should be performing your own audits at least once a year.

Perform an internal audit after these events:

  • Purchase new Oracle products and/or licenses for existing products

  • Renew your support agreement

  • Virtualize your environment, especially if you plan to use or are using VMware vSphere®

  • Develop new applications running Oracle

  • Upgrade or otherwise change your hardware

  • Migrate an Oracle database to a new server

If you don’t know the answers to these questions and haven’t performed internal audits, you are at serious risk of being out of compliance in terms or your Oracle Licensing Service Agreement (OLSA). LicenseFortress takes the guess work out of Oracle compliance and ensures that not only do you remain compliant but will optimize your license utilization and can reduce your license and support costs by retiring licenses you may no longer need. 

LicenseFortress in action:

  • Gathers your Oracle license details

  • Reviews your Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA)

  • Reviews deployment of your Oracle workloads (physical, virtual & cloud)

  • Validates deployment matches the Oracle licenses purchased

  • If over-deployed; provides options for remediation

    • Buy additional Oracle licenses

    • Re-architect environment

    • Disable features

  • Real-time compliance monitoring

  • LicenseFortress guarantee: “If we are wrong, we pay for it!”

  • Quarterly reviews

With Oracle software, the burden is always on customers to make sure they are following their license agreements making the complexity of navigating such agreements in the cloud environment exceedingly troublesome. Our real-time intelligent compliance monitoring with over 200 checks in place heads this off at the pass. As a leading Oracle and VMware consulting organization, we offer licensing expertise that is near impossible to match.  You can rest easy knowing that we will manage, monitor, and protect your license assets all while maintaining compliance.  

Contact us – today.

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