Now that the dust has settled — how should you respond to Oracle’s Java license changes?

Summary In this podcast Dean Bolton and Michael Corey from LicenseFortress discuss Oracle’s recent changes to Java licensing. We detail exactly what has changed, provide practical tips on how to assess your potential exposure, and explore options for mitigating this significant risk. With organizations facing anything from a 2x – 10x increase in Java license […]

Oracle Java Pricing: What You Need to Know

Oracle Java Changes

Oracle has recently made some changes to its Oracle Java pricing model, and as a result, many organizations are now questioning the cost implications of using this technology. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what these changes mean for you and your organization. Firstly, it’s important to understand that Oracle Java […]

Come see us at OracleCloud World 2022!

Las Vegas, NV October 17-20th At our booth you can find Dean Bolton, Co-Founder + Chief architect, LicenseFrotress Michael Corey, Co-Founder + COO, LicenseFortress Arthur Beeman, Beeman Muchmore, LLP Joel Muchmore, Beeman Muchmore, LLP Arthur and Joel Muchmore will be at the booth the following times to discuss legal concerns around Oracle audits and contractual […]

How to protect against stealth audits


Summary We sit down with: Michael Corey – LicenseFortressDean Bolton – LicenseFortressArt Beeman – Beeman & Muchmore LLPJoel Muchmore – Beeman & Muchmore LLP to once again get their thoughts and insights into the world of software audits, contracts, and the intersection of ITAM & legal professionals. We focus particularly on the rise of “stealth” […]

Mid-Sized Companies Targeted for Software License Audits


Moving to the Cloud Fails to Alleviate Licensing Issues, Survey Finds Los Angeles — Mid-sized companies were more frequently subjected to software license audits in the past three years, and more than half of audited companies paid up to $1 million in software-vendor fines, according to a new survey sponsored by LicenseFortress, an independent software asset management […]

In a Year of Rapid Growth, LicenseFortress Earns Strong Customer Satisfaction Ratings


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After a year of explosive growth that doubled the company size, LicenseFortress has maintained strong customer satisfaction ratings as shown by a Net Promoter Score® of 89.5%. The impressive score on its second NPS® survey reflects LicenseFortress’ dedication to total customer satisfaction as it expands to serve more companies seeking independent software asset management. LicenseFortress’ […]

Why the traditional approach is no longer enough


In this podcast: Michael Corey – LicenseFortress Dean Bolton – LicenseFortress Art Beeman – Beeman & Muchmore LLP Joel Muchmore – Beeman & Muchmore LLP We discuss software audits, contracts, clauses, and how ITAM & legal working together can make everyone’s role that bit easier. If you want to know more about the legal intricacies of ITAM in a podcast, who better to speak […]

LicenseFortress Announces Availability of LicenseFortress Discovery for purchase on VMware Marketplace


LicenseFortress Discovery provides customers with the ability to control and manage their software compliance running Oracle workloads on VMware. July 12, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LicenseFortress Inc. today announced LicenseFortress Discovery is available for purchase on VMware Marketplace. VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions […]

LicenseFortress named on DBTA’s 100 2022: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

database trends and applications logo

Jun 8, 2022 Read our view from the top By Joyce Wells Today, data-driven benefits abound. However, the ability to seize new business opportunities, create new products, and deal effectively with competitive issues requires strong data management and analytics capabilities. The processes involved are complicated by rapid data growth as well as more options than ever […]