Optimizing Compliance and Security Saves Leading SaaS Provider Over $3 Million

Discover how a leading SaaS provider saved $3.2M by optimizing compliance and security and joined the ArxPlatform for ongoing support.


A prominent provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions faced significant challenges related to software licensing compliance and security infrastructure. The company, known for its diverse range of sector-focused software portfolios, required a robust solution to mitigate compliance risks and enhance security measures to continue delivering reliable services to its clients.


The company encountered initial challenges when Oracle conducted an audit and identified several compliance gaps and potential under-licensing issues, particularly related to the use of VMware. The audit revealed a potential exposure of approximately $4.2 million due to the mismanagement of Oracle licenses across various datacenters. Key issues included a misalignment between the number of Oracle licenses owned versus the actual usage, inadequate tracking and documentation of software entitlements and renewals, and the risk of significant financial penalties due to non-compliance with Oracle’s licensing policies. Additionally, the company faced security vulnerabilities that needed addressing to protect their critical systems and sensitive customer data.


To address these challenges, the company engaged LicenseFortress for a comprehensive solution encompassing audit defense, compliance management, and security enhancements. The first phase involved Oracle audit defense and compliance gap analysis. The experts conducted a thorough analysis of the Oracle audit findings, identifying the exact compliance gaps and areas of under-licensing. They deployed advanced tools to map out the company’s entire software usage landscape, ensuring a detailed understanding of current entitlements and compliance status.

Following the initial audit defense, the company embarked on a focused Java compliance project. This phase included reviewing and verifying all Oracle Java contracts and entitlements, conducting a legal review and deep dive into the Java architecture, and implementing a compliance and optimization report to streamline Java usage and mitigate any compliance risks.


Despite their actual compliance gap being $0, external pressures led the company to settle with Oracle for $1 million rather than pursuing legal action. However, the strategic investments and phased approach ultimately saved the company $3.2 million, successfully mitigating potential financial exposure and achieving full compliance with Oracle licensing requirements. This avoided hefty penalties and streamlined software asset management, leading to more efficient use of existing licenses and a reduction in unnecessary purchases.

Subsequently, the company became an ArxProtect customer, implementing a comprehensive software license management solution tailored to their specific needs. Key activities included the deployment of the ArxPlatform across all infrastructure layers (virtual, cloud, physical), continuous scanning and monitoring to detect and address any security vulnerabilities promptly, and establishing a secure environment that adheres to both compliance and security standards.

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