DBTA’s Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2020


Thursday, 5 December, 2019

LicenseFortress’s ArxPlatform has been named one of the trend-setting products for 2020 by Database Trends and Applications magazine. This recognition speaks to the platform’s innovation and capacity to help organizations derive more value from their data, make decisions faster, and enhance security levels.

The announcement comes amidst significant shifts in the data management landscape, with key trends shaping the capabilities of IT products and services for 2020 and beyond. The growing volume of data flowing into organizations from numerous sources has intensified the need for efficient data integration and cleansing.

Simultaneously, an increase in data privacy regulations has sparked a greater demand for best practices in data governance. Data management technologies are diversifying to address specific needs, with the emergence of different cloud scenarios, data warehouse approaches alongside data lakes, and AI and augmented intelligence infusion into products and services.

The sphere of data management is also seeing the progression of DataOps, following the footsteps of DevOps to enable analytics success. Traditional technologies like mainframes, relational databases, and MultiValue systems continue to evolve and maintain their solid standing in the enterprise realm.

This diversification has resulted in an extensive range of solution choices, reflecting the lack of a single approach to data management or analytics. LicenseFortress’s ArxPlatform stands out in this expanding field, contributing a unique and valuable solution for data management needs.

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