Join Us at ITAM Wisdom North America 2024 in St. Petersburg, FL

Next week, our co-founders, Michael and Dean, will be heading to St. Petersburg, FL to present at ITAM Wisdom NA 2024. Hosted by the ITAM Review, this year’s event will feature a variety of presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions on March 19-20, 2024.

Day 1: March 19th

Michael And Dean will join Joel Muchmore of Beeman & Muchmore, LLP in a session titled Surviving an Oracle Java Audit,” moderated by ITAM’s Rich Gibbons. This session will dive into Oracle’s recent changes to Java licensing, which have significant implications for businesses. With Oracle now focusing on an employee-based licensing model, understanding how to navigate potential audits is crucial. Our session aims to provide practical insights for handling Oracle’s scrutiny effectively.

Day 2: March 20th

Dean and Joel will lead the session Software License Agreements – The Legal and Technical Perspectives.” This presentation will offer insights for both legal professionals and those less versed in legal jargon. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of software vendor agreements, learn to identify crucial components of these contracts, and discover strategies for avoiding common pitfalls that could lead to costly consequences.

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