Audit Trends and what to expect from Oracle in 2023

Intro: Welcome to the ITAM Review Podcast. News, reviews and resources for ITAM, SAM and software licensing professionals. AJ Witt: Hello everyone. Welcome to this podcast from the ITAM Review presented in conjunction with LicenseFortress. This is our first podcast of 2023. Yes, we’re there already. We’re recording this in early January when it’s dark […]

Managing the Software Audit: 2022 Survey on Enterprise Software Licensing and Audit Trends

Coming out of the pandemic, and faced with an uncertain economy, many software vendors have been looking for sources of additional revenue, and they have found it—through customer software audits. These software audits have become a big business, serviced by prominent accounting and consulting firms on behalf of vendors, and often incurring millions of dollars […]

Software Asset Management (SAM) Buyer’s Guide

What the Vendors Don’t Want You to Know This guide will provide insight and practical tips for purchasing a software asset management solution and the criteria to consider when hiring a software license consultant. We will also discuss a new, more efficient, hybrid approach to dealing with the challenges of software license compliance called the […]

The Completely Un-Authorized Oracle ULA Guidebook

Even if the ULA option isn’t front and center for your organization right now, reading this book will put you in a good position to advocate for your department and its needs when the topic rears its head (and, if your organization uses Oracle products, it will eventually).