Vendor Software License Audits Have Become More Frequent. Are You Prepared?


Thursday, 1 April, 2021

Apr 13, 2021

By Arthur S. Beeman, Joel T. Muchmore, Michael Corey, and Dean Bolton


The article discusses the trends observed in software license audits, particularly Oracle audits, in the legal and tech industry over the past year since the COVID-19 shutdown. The frequency of software license audits has increased, with Oracle leading the pack. Oracle has been using audits as a sales tactic, and inquiries often come with an implied threat of a formal audit. The article also notes that Oracle audits are becoming more prone to interim disputes and obstructionist tactics, with Oracle being less willing to make concessions and push for quick resolutions. However, if handled properly, Oracle audits can reach quick resolutions with fewer out-of-pocket payments. The article emphasizes the need for experienced guidance during the audit process, given the changing landscape of Oracle audits.

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